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Jihlavsko - Accommodation

Are you going to visit Jihlava or move there? Are you looking for a place to stay for couple of days? Do you want to rent or buy real estate? Are you interested in starting a new business? Do you research rents for office and/or commercial real estate? Find the basic list of real estate market in Jihlavsko bellow.

Accommodation Prices in Jihlavsko

  • hostels and privat rooms  100 – 300 Kč/night
  • pensions  300 – 1600 Kč/night
  • apartments and hotels  900 – 2000 Kč/night

You can find complete list of accomodation in Jihlavsko (facilities, prices, other info) HERE.

For picky costumers we recommend 

Other hotels




Would you like to purchase real estate?

Are you going to move to Jihlavsko? Are you looking for a suitable accomodation? (renting, buying)? Contact us and we connect you with our partner – local real estate agency. Thanks to the search agent, they can find a property for you remotely, according to your needs. 

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