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Pelhrimovsko - Family and children

As well as other areas of Highlands, Pelhřimovsko is an ideal location for families. Pelhřimovsko has many facilities focusing on family activities, the nature and many sights worth seeing are a great oportunity for trips and excursions. Are you looking for a playground or maternal center to spend time with little ones? Are you looking for a tip for trip? Welcome here.

Kraj Vysočina pro rodiny s dětmi  brochure published by  Vysočina Tourism provides detailed info about activities fitting for children in Vysočina.

Tips for interesting attractions / family trips

  • The railway Jindřichův Hradec – Kamenice nad Lipou – Obrataň – The railway with gauge 760 mm was officially opened on 11th November 1897. The line is 33 km long and it runs across eight bridges. In 1906 the discussion about the lengthening of this railroad to Austria started, but the project was never implemented. The railroad has been preserved as a technical site. Some historical and special trips with a lot of performances can be visited there in summer time. The regular transport on the railway is there as well.

  • Mlynářské muzeum Chadimův mlýn v Horních Dubenkách attracts  you for a visit of the mill museum which was originally a grinding room. They provide accommodation in rooms, where mill servants used to sleep, you can stay camping overnight. They sell souvenirs, maps, postcards, bottled beer and lemonade at the reception desk.

Facilities for little ones 

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